Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween at CAC

My son had been counting days to Oct 31st so that he could attend the Halloween bash at CAC. We went through all his dress-up clothes a millon times deciding what he would go dressed as that night. From Dracula to Superman to Batman to Spiderman, we went through them all, only to revisit them again!

But there is something to be said for a child's enthusiasm which is very infectious, and, I could not help but join in the fun. And I absolutely adore the excietment that a child's anticipation brings with it.

As the evening of the 31st drew close, we were all excited, and dressed up to go! My son insisted that I should at least wear black to celebrate Halloween if I was not going tp dress up! So black it was!

To my amazement we had to stand in a long line that stretched from the school gate to the medan before the school! It didn't help that I had two Batmen (my son and his friend) who kept asking me "how long"? As I told them, I wish I knew!

20 mins and we were in! The boys squealed in delight at the pumpkin carriage being driven by skeleton coachmen! They insisted on taking a photograph!

They had to walk through this scary spooky gate, after getting their hands marked off, to enter the “trick or treat” lane!

The school had very effectively used netting to create a lane along the pathways of the school, and, middle / high schoolers sat in every nook and corner doling out candy! The lure of candy was such that even Count Dracula seemed a lot of fun!
The highlight of the evening was clearly the Haunted House for which we stood in line for 45 mins. The middle/high schoolers put up a fantastic show wth lots of blood, gore and scary noises that made the kids squeal in fear and excitement! The boys enjoyed it thoroughly, clutching me for dear life, and, screaming for all they were worth. So enamoured were they of the Haunted House, that they wanted an encore, except that for all the love in the world, I was not about to stand in line for yet another 45 mins.

The field was very festive, and the elementary CAC community had turned out in large numbers to enjoy the event. The field was dotted with stalls for games and the boys ensured that they played every single one of them! Food stalls galore, ensured that their stomachs were full, not to mention the candy in their hands!

All good things must come to an end, so after two hours of noisy fun, we decided to head back home, much to the reluctance of the two Batmen with me!
I believe that we missed a lot of excitement by leaving a tad early, cos some young boys peleted cars with eggs and tomatoes as people were leaving CAC after the party was over! So if you did not manage to get an omlette for breakfast next morning, you know who to blame!


Connie said...

It was an absolute blast, wasn't it?! They really do a great job :-) We made it out around closing time with kids running wild w/eggs. Nobody threw any at us though, and we were parked in the middle of it.

Manisha said...

Yup they do! I was amazed at the amount of effort that had gone into it!

Ah, so you managed to catch the Grand Finale, eggs, tomatoes, et all, lol!

Connie said...

We actually drove right past teens with eggs in their hands, they weren't interested in pelting strangers ... seemed like they were being rowdy, but not too malicious. At least not what we saw.

This was our 2nd carnival - both times we've been very impressed. We actually made it into the haunted house this year, but not through it... my littlest one started out thinking she was brave, but pulled me outside fairly quick!