Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Indian grocer in Cairo!

For all the Indians whose only baggage from back home used to be packets and packets of spices, dals, ready to eat mixes etc, your luggage just got a little lighter!

An enterprising Egyptian obviously figured that the "Indians were coming!" has decided to open a store with Indian groceries. So you get your dals, some spices etc. He has this long list of items which I shall try and reproduce a little later.

His name is Hassan and his outlet is on Road 9.

EDIT: Let me correct the location. He is based in Mohandassein and will home deliver in certain areas. I know he delivers in Maadi. Have asked for his permission to quote his number on my blog. So all of you who want to stock up on whatever is available with him, his number is 0111883800. Have ordered for the first time from him today - toovar dal, local egyptian musard oil and some atta (nisha, hope that gladdens your heart!). Inshaallah, it shall be good!!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Grand Hyatt bans sale of alcohol

Had a friend staying at Hyatt who was zapped that Hyatt did not serve alcohol in Cairo.

When he mentioned it to me, I was pretty surprised cos usually hotels in Cairo do serve alcohol. I figured there had either been a language issue or he was plain unlucky to have landed on a dry day!

But just got this email from a friend "The Grand Hyatt Hotel in Cairo has banned the sale of alcohol from the beginning of May, earlier this week. Though discussions are continuing between the Hotel chain and the owner, no drinks are served at any of the hotel’s restaurants or bars. "

Wow! Don't think Hyatt would have ever faced this before. Wondering what this is all about? Religious overtones or just pressure tactics from the owner to get the hotel chain to give in on some other issue?