Monday, November 10, 2008

English news in Cairo

Other than the Daily News/ Egyptian Gazzette or Mail that you normally read with your morning cuppa, I finally managed to find a list of websites which you can go browse for Egypt news, if you want to!

Al-Ahram Weekly
Government affiliated leading Egyptian newspaper, so news / reviews to be read accordingly. However, I find that soem of the articles are very good and most importatly, the travel section in this one is usually good! Egypt
News reports from African sources.

Cairo Live
News on Egypt from international and Egyptian news outlets.

Cairo Times
Small English language section of Egyptian news magazine.

American University in Cairo's student-produced newspaper. Covers campus and regional news in English and Arabic.

Daily News Egypt
The only local independent daily newspaper in the English language, bundled with the International Herald Tribune.

Egypt Daily News
Provides aggregated Egyptian news from various sources.

Egypt Guide
Online magazine featuring information regarding news, business, tourism, travel, and more.

Egypt Information Portal
Official portal providing business and political information and news.

Egypt Today
Leading current affairs magazine in Egypt.

Egyptian Gazette
Middle East's oldest English-language newspaper published in Cairo.

MEMRI: Egypt
Site of US based Middle East Media Research Institute providing analysis and translations of Arabic media reports.

Middle East News Agency (MENA)
Subscription-only news agency.

Middle East Times
Egypt-based regional magazine. Provides more or less objective reporting of Middle East and Egypt news, as well as cultural and business features.

State Information Service
Features official news stories, Cairo press review, and country background information

And while technically not a news site, this does give information of an oft heard name in Egypt.
London-based official web site of the Muslim Brotherhood.

That should be enough for any news / information buff!


Anonymous said...

you tell about ikhwanweb as a news resource? man! i hope you don't tell about the Nazi party digest for news in Germany one day.

Manisha said...

Well technically its not a newspaper / magazine/ broadcaster website, but the reality is that it is very much a part of Egypt and tries to influence what happens here (good or bad dependson whether one's looking at it from the Brotherhood or someone else's point of view, lol) and it gives an idea of what they think, so I had included it...

But maybe I should move it to the end of the list and put a disclaimer of sorts!

Hugh said...

Hey - why don't you have the Nation of Pearls? A great little English language mag that covers all things Egyptian. They used to have a web site but I think that they're mainly in print these days.

By the way, the Cairo Times went out of business years ago!