Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Gorgeous graffitti

Talk about hunting for a needle in a haystack - now I know the feeling! Went around Downtown and Dokki the whole morning in search of some graffitti! Suspect when my hubby hears this, he'll shrug his shoulders in one of those resigned gestures, lol!

However, I think the trek around town was worth the graffitti that I saw. Just check out the pictures below and then go see them in person. To me, it was certainly worth the visit!
Goethe Institute is the headquarters for learning German in Cairo, and, operates as a cultural centre as well, organising numerous events all through the year. This year, the centre completed 50 years of its existence in Cairo, and, decided to celebrate the occassion by rolling out year long celebrations.
Four German artists of the graffiti project “Masala Movement” and two Egyptians came together in the lavish garden surrounding what used to be former East Germany’s embassy in Cairo, and, were allowed to pain the walls of the now defunct East German embassy.

The project tasked the six artists with transforming the walls of the language center (known as ‘the empty space’) into a large piece of art, and, I must admit, they have done a fabulous job.

Bright colours, bold, larger than life figures are beautifully juxtaposed against the brown stone of the walls. There are yet others that been painted at the intersection of two walls, with slatted windows in the middle, lending an interesting perspective to the graffitti!

There is a enormous worm in black and white which resmbles a dragon or an equally wild creature. Painted on the 3 walls of an alcove, its lifelike and really seems like its crawling along the walls!
Then there is a mother and child which seems to represent the connection between the two when the child is born and also when its in the womb or maybe, thats just my hyperactive imagination!

If you’re thinking about checking out their work, make sure to stop by soon.
This one is somewhat remniscent of the work of a famous Indian cartoonist called Mario Miranda.

Just a word of Caution. Goethe Institute seems to be spread all over the place 3-4 buildings. The one that you need to go to is in Dokki at 17 Road.

I, of course, finally got there after seeing practically every Goethe Institute building! The helpful guards/ counter guys at each building, enthusiastically nodded their head and said "aiwa (yes)" when I asked for graffitti. Next time, must remember to check the arabic word for "graffitti" or whatever else it is that I am going looking for!


Connie said...

Very beautiful!

Cairo Typ0 said...

That "graffiti" is gorgeous! Wow! I wonder if the institute will sell prints of this work.

Cairo Typ0 said...

Wow! That "graffiti" is truly beautiful art! I wonder if the institute will be selling prints?

Rhi said...

Hi! I have a rather odd request. I am so interested in traveling and finding out about different places all over the world. Would you be willing to send me some pictures from Egypt so that I could post on my blog? Complete credit would be given to you. Any pictures or comments would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for your blog!

Manisha said...

Connnie, it is beautiful, isn't it? I esp lovethe white worm / creature. You have to see in in person to understand hy. It really looks alive!

Cairo Typ0, not a bad idea! I would not mind picking up a couple too!

Rhi, happy to add to your travel photographs..tried to log on to your blog but everything was in Arabic, courtes my being in Egypt, so could not move beyond yr profile which btw was also in Arabic..

so if you send me your email, I will send cross some photos - which ones would you like? Also pl send me yr blog address, I would love to read it!

The Postcolonial Rabbit said...

Hi Manisha,

Love your blog! and these photos are stunning.

I'm working on a research project on terrorism and popular culture at the University of Kent. We'd really like to use your photos on our website because they're fantastic and a perfect illustration of our aims. We would acknowledge you of course and let you know when the site is up and running (March 2010).

I hope you'll agree to support our project!



The Postcolonial Rabbit said...

Dear Manisha,

Love the blog! I was wondering if we could use your pictures of the Goethe Institute on our project website?

I'm a Research Associate on a research project on Egyptian culture and modernity at the University of Kent. We'd really like to use some of your photos on our website because they are fantastic and a perfect illustration of our aims. We would acknowledge you of course and let you know when the site is up and running (March 2010).

I hope you'll agree to support our project!


Manisha said...

Hi Nazneen, please feel free to use the images, however I would like to see the context in which they are being used given the sensitive nature of your project (terrorism)... could I get to know what your project is all about? Are you doing this for your post graduation? Sounds inteesting! Please do send me the link, when its up and running! Would love to read it!

Anonymous said...

Do you have copy writer for so good articles? If so please give me contacts, because this really rocks! :)