Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Global Village

Was watching a program on MBC4, when an ad caught my attention. I had to wait for a couple of more ad breaks to see the repeat telecast of the ad.

Came back to Youtube to see if I could find the ad and I did, though, unfortunately I found only the English version of the ad! I googled for quite a while but could not find the Arabic version.

Its an ad for a toothpaste "Close-Up" - just watch it...

Ok, so what's so great about it? Nothing, except that it exemplifies what a global village the word has become!

If you watch the Arabic version, the ad shows an Indian girl romancing an European boy / Westerner in what appears to be a Chinese market, with a Hindi song in the background, and an Arabic voiceover, and, I am watching it in Egypt!

How much more global and integrated can you get?

P.S. Even though the voiceover in this ad is in English, the background score is beautiful! You need to catch the Arabic ad on MBC to appreciate what I mean!


Anonymous said...

Excellent, i saw it and tried to find it on you tube but i couldn't reach it, thanks very muchhh, how you find it? :)
it's very cool, any informations about the sound track?

Manisha said...

Just do a search on Close-up ad on Youtube and you will see results with "Paas Aao" which is the background score...

I have been trying to figure out which song it is..have not heard it anywhere except in the ad..but if you want to download just the two lines that are there in the ad, this is the link

Anonymous said...

thanks, there is also the commercial for teaching the kids to save water and another one about some Qatari power company, where is a song of "everything for you", they are so beautiful :)

Manisha said...

Thanks, next time shall keep an eye out for them!