Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The weather has turned!

Just last thursday, we decided to go for a felucca ride that was an absolute disaster! There was no breeze at all, and, it was WARM. Some of us were tempted to take off our clamy shirts except that I suspect the felucca boatman would have probably jumped into the Nile leaving us pretty much stranded in the middle of the river, considering there was no breeze to take us anywhere, let alone to the shore..

But stepped out last night around 9 o'clock to buy some books and go out for dinner and the weather was fantastic! There was a strong breeze and a slight nip in the air, heralding the onset of winter! That is the wonderful thing about Cairo's weather, its turns completeley unexpectedly!

Expect the weather to be delightful over the next month, at least in the mornings and evenings...methinks, shall do that felucca ride again!


Anonymous said...

yes the weather now is amazing in Cairo, now i can sleep well, i hope it last forever.
btw how much you pay for the falucca? and where you take it from?

Manisha said...

Yups, its gorgeous, isn't it? My husband and I just came back after a cup of coffee on the Corniche and it was delightful sitting out in the breeze.

I usually take the felucca from the Corniche near TGIF, opp the Vodafone/ Radio Shack outlets. The guy asks for LE 50 per hour and I do not bargain with that, though some friends have told me you can get it for around LE30/35 / per hour as well. Plus we usually tip the felucca boatman around LE10.