Monday, October 6, 2008

Back from my Eid break

Just came back from 4 glorious days at Sharm! Had planned to descend on Athens, but decided to go to Sharm instead with some friends, and, I am so glad that I did!

Had a fabulous holiday but just a few random thoughts....

a/its much hotter in Sharm than in Cairo, yup I've always known it but you are never prepared for the difference

b/ given that its a 6 hour drive, why aren't there any decent places to stop and eat? My young son has a very clear agenda, mom, why are there no McDonalds & Pizza Huts? I dont know! Forget about the chains, but I am not too impressed with what is there, and, I am the last person to be fussy!

c/ Forget the eateries, why aren't there really clean toilets on the way? Dont get me wrong, there are decent places to stop but the toilets are invariably dirty. I would be happy to pay even LE5/10 for a clean toilet!

d/ the simplicity and the friendliness of the people en route never ceases to amaze me...and this time, given the holiday spirit, there was general bonhomie all around...I walked away with a smile, and a lilt, from the small restaurant where I had stopped to buy some water.

e/ the road has been repaired and redone in many stretches making it a pleasure to drive on! We did the journey to Sharm in a little under 5 hours (including stops) without panicking over the speed

f/ the journey remains as fascinating as ever...and the repaired road looks like a majestic black snake slithering between the dark, brooding , brown mountains which some artist has painted on the blue canvas of the sky

g/ the different hues of blue of the sea as it plays hide and seek along the drive are as fascinating as ever

h/ the atmosphere of Sharm is as charming, exciting and laid back as I know why people keep going back to Sharm. This was my third trip!

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Anonymous said...

Egyptian people are always sweet to westerners like you while they are rude to each other!

that's why when i say "Egyptians are ill-mannered people", no westerner believe it.