Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Diwali at home

Since I am on the subject of Diwali, we celebrated Diwali at home on 28th. Of course, it was a much smaller affair than it would have been if we had been at home. But not being at home, was no excuse to not celebrate Diwali.

My son and I made a small rangoli at home. My son was very excited about making the rangoli and scurried around fetching and carrying for me. Traditionally, we use rice paste or even poster paints but I was worried that these would stain the marble, so we decided to be innovative and used dry flour instead. Of course, it made the process very tedious and long, but we both enjoyed ourselves!

All the rooms in the house were lit with candles. Back home, we would have used diyas filled with mustard oil and lit using cotton wicks, but tea lights worked just as well!
Traditional sweets and food were made at home. I sat my son down and read to him the stories related to Diwali. After all this, we burst a few crackers and lit a few sparklers that we had purchased in Downtown.

It made me feel closer to home and the associated festivities , and hopefully, gave my son a perspective on what all we do during Diwali.

Tomorrow we are going to celebrate Diwali with all the young Indian kids, that we know, who live in Maadi. Shall write about it and post snaps.

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