Thursday, October 9, 2008

Traffic blues

Went to Dokki yesterday for some work, left at around 1.30 p.m. from Maadi and reached at 3.20 pm.! The traffic en route was unbelievable! My driver told me that we had set out at the wrong time and caught the school traffic, and when we went back the traffic would be easy and we should be home in 25-30 mins.

Finished my work and set out around 4.30 p.m., banking on the 30 min drive home to get to school to pick my son up after his activities were over. To my horror, we finally reached Maadi at around 6 p.m.! Where did this traffic come from?

In my 2 years in Cairo, I haven't seen traffic move at such a slow pace (except around 3 o'clock during Ramadan), and, everything was jammed in all directions! Wonder if this is the norm (since I normally do not travel to Dokki) or I just got caught on a bad day!

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Anonymous said...

the country getting crowded more day by day, i have a friend whose his parents are poor but despite, they made 6 kids!!!, his dad believe god will never let the kids with no help so why not make 6 or even 60?

not just the massive number of people but also the uncivilized manners of people in the street and the chaos will do it's contribute to make the situation worse.