Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Of sleepless nights that never seem to end...

Last night my mother-in-law finally lost it. The incessant loud noise from the contruction site next door, I think, finally broke all barriers of her patience. Not that I blame her! We are all suffering from lack of sleep courtesy the drill that seems to drone on and on the whole night, till our eyes shut with sheer exhaustion!

And it would appear that there is no rule about not working through the night, or at least no rule that appears to apply to the Wadi Degla guys who are promoting the property next door!

We have complained to the police before, but all they seem to be interested in is our passport, the report be dammed! An Egyptian neighbour explained that it was not enough to report, you need to know the right senior policemen to get this stopped, and even then, the respite will be temporary!

You can imagine her sense of frustration cos she even called on the number advertised for the Flying Squad, but I suspect that they were lucky enough not to have a contruction site next to their office, and were blissfully asleep at night, cos no one answered!

I understand that Maadi has a rule about no trucks entering the area before 8 pm and after 8 am, so I can understand trucks coming in after 8 loading and leaving but continuing to drop / load stuff that makes a racket till 2.30 a.m. is a bit unfair.

So last night ma-in-law freaked out , and, I think, took them by sheer surprise, cos we slept in blissful silence thereafter.

Egyptians have a huge amount of respect for "mother". Everywhere, we go ma gets preferential treatment cos she's "mother"! It would appear that the respect extends to construction as well!

So willy nilly, mom-in-law has been nominated to yell every night in the hope that they shall discontinue work, and, we shall, sleep in peace, lol!

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Anonymous said...

sorry to know that, try to bribe the policemen by a gift not money or the owner of that construction site.