Sunday, October 12, 2008


Had been hunting for some nice Egyptian lamps and somehow the standard ones available in Khan and some other local shops, just did not appeal to me! I don't particularly care for the coloured glass danglers and the very shining brass / bronze finish that they have. I wanted something that looked a little delicate yet very Egyptian.

Have a friend who is leaving Cairo, and, she asked me to accompany her to a shop that she had heard a lot about. So we both jazzed off to Zamalek for a look at the shop, and I must admit, I fell in love with most of the stuff that I saw there!

The shop stocks a number of very interesting lamps with typical Egyptian chainmails. They have lovely focus lamps as well as chandeliers and hanging lights but they don't come cheap. Most of the chandeliers are upwards of LE 2000 or more, while the single hanging lights are upwards of LE 700. But the designs are unique, if limited, and you could mix and match and ask them to make one of your own choice.

I ordered this one which I thought was beautiful, and, I am sure when I hang it up in one corner it will look absolutely gorgeous.

Just a word of caution. Some of the pieces on display are not readily available and you need to place an order. Be prepared to wait for 2-3 weeks for your order.

But its a shop worth a visit especially if you want a classy Egyptian lamp which is a beautiful piece to own.

16 Marashly Street


Kim said...

ooh, it is beautiful!

Completely understandable splurge. LOL

Manisha said...

I think so too! Though I suspect that R is not too happy about these increasingly frequent splurges of mine!