Saturday, October 18, 2008

Saudi medical standards?

I have pulled a muscle in my lower back and its quite painful. So bought a muscle relaxant "Radian Massage Cream" at the local pharmacy, which the pharmacist assured me was the best.

While applying the cream, noticed that its made by a Ransom Consumer Healthcare in the UK, but what was interesting is the legend on the face of the tube "New pack to comply with Saudi MOH standards".

I am very intrigued. Is this because Saudi has the most stringent Ministry of Health (MOH) standards in the Arab world or because they are the largest medicine market in the Arab world? Still trying to figure out why Saudi MOH standards?


Anonymous said...

may be it was made to be exported to Saudi Arabia.

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manisha said...

Yup, thats probably what it was for anyways!

Thanks for listing the blog. Shall visit the space and add whatever I shall the link to my page!