Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Diwali with Kids

A friend of mine came up with the brilliant idea of celebrating Diwali with all the young Indian kids, and, giving them a sense of what Diwali is like back home.

So she invited all the young Indian kids that we knew in Maadi. Yours truly had the responsibility of doing a half hour session with the kids on the legends associated with Diwali (that by the way is the origin of the earlier post on Diwali). Some of us moms cooked traditional Indian food, so that potluck would reduce the pressure on my friend whose house the entire event was being organised.

While I narrated the legends of Diwali to the kids, I was amazed at the extent of awareness that these NRI (non resident Indian) kids had about their roots - it was much more than I had expected. At the same time, their irreverent take on some of the characters was hilarious. As one of the kids, rather uncharitably said of the mighty "Kumbhkaran" - that fat dude! But it was a fun session and kept the kids occupied while my friend got the games ready.

Once the games were over, came the fun part! The fireworks! My friend had organised lots of fireworks which she had got from Downtown. I was surprised at the variety that she had managed to get. I had only seen sparklers and some bombs before, but was delighted to see some anars (that is what you can see in the picture below).

The kids just loved the whole evening, and, for all of us, it was reinforcement of the spirit of joy, fun and enjoyment that Diwali embodies!

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