Sunday, September 28, 2008

Of crowded streets & skillful driving

I suspect that once I leave Cairo, and, am driving elsewhere, I shall suffer from agoraphobia! Not that roads in Maadi are very narrow, its just that they are really crowded.

Try driving around on a Friday or Saturday morning! Cars parked on both sides of the road, and two vehicles trying to cross each other in between these two lanes of parked cars - you need immense skill and concentration to pass through without scratching each other! And I must, unhesitatingly, admire the driving skills of the average Egyptian driver - they pass through this with consummate ease while I stress and worry about damaging my car!

Went to the Arab souk on Road 7 early morning yesterday. As is par for the course, cars were on both sides of the road, and, an enterprising lady had parked her vehicle right in the middle of the road, deigning it too tiresome to park elsewhere and walk back to buy her meat and chicken for the day! Tried my level best to squeeze through, but even my Peugeut would just not scrape past.

Honked and honked to no avail! The lady was not to be disturbed...and then when she did finally appear with boy & meat in tow, I got a rather disdainful look and what sounded like an earful in rather agitated Arabic! A rather helpful shopkeeper explained in broken English that she was appalled at my pathetic driving skills! Typical expat woman, scared of a few scratches? Huh?

I must admit that really fazed me! Here I was, awaiting a hint of an apology, an acknowldgement of my inconvinience, and all I got was complete and utter disdain for my driving skills! So have firmly resolved to "practice" and improve my driving skills! lol!

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Connie said...

I guarantee that woman would have been blasting her horn if she had been stuck behind someone who parked in the middle of the road. Probably would have been mad had you scraped by her car too. It's not about you. No. It's ALL about her! :-D I sure wish I had my old beater car sometimes...