Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I enjoy listening to Arabic music from time to time, esp if it happens to be Amr Diab, Nancy Ajram and a few others that I have come to appreciate.

Was hunting for sites to download Arabic music from, and, stumbled upon http://www.ghaneli.com/. Lots and lots of music, not all of it likeable, but if you hunt through it, I am sure you will find songs that you enjoy, just like I did!

The site is quite user friendly, and has an alphabetic listing of artists which is good if you know whom you are looking for. It also has a "latest singles/ albums" segment that you can browse through.

Unfortunately, my search for the very old and famous Arabic song "ya Mustafa, ya Mustafa" on MP3 continues to be completely unfruitful, even with Ghaneli. If anyone reading this can send me a link, I'd be ecstatic!

By and large, the quality of the sound is quite decent except for the live performances. So if you think, there is a chance you may like this music go download a few songs, and, see if you enjoy them...

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