Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Carrefour bread

I am not sure, and, maybe its just me, but I find that the bread from Carerefour is really yeasty, if there is such a word!

Yesterday I picked up a large wholewheat loaf, and some chocolate donoughts, and I am completely unable to eat the bread. Everytime, I come close to eating it, a strong yeasty smell engulfs and overpowers my oalfactory senses, rendering it nigh impossible to have the bread. My 7 year old, who usually loves donoughts refused to eat them cos they smelt "strange"!

Or maybe, I am just fussy. I dont even like Rich Bake that is available in supermarkets. The bread is way too soft, in fact sometimes I suspect that its not fully baked. I prefer the sandwich or the multi-grain pre-packed Monginis bread which is quite decent. Otherwise, shall continue to pick up my bread from Bread Basket on Road 9 or Fino on Road 213 esp the multi-grain ones!

An early morning post on food? Well struggled with the Carrefour loaf while preparing son's lunch box at 6.30 in the morning, hence the irritation!


An Egyptian said...

if i was in your shoes, i return to Carffour and complain to it's administration cuz this will make it never happen to someone else.

Connie said...

Donuts are a no in Cairo. They just are NOT right. Cinnabons are nice - but the times we've tried to 'pick up a box' we are always informed that they do not open or bake until much later.. and who wants a Cinnabon later (well, obviously, people do, but in this heat ...ew!) Our favorite bread here is the baladi bread... it's the perfect bread.

Manisha said...

An- Egyptian - hmmm, maybe I should have except that I was too lazy and it seemed too long a trek just to complain about bread! But yeah, it could have ensured that it didn't happen to someone else!

Manisha said...

Connie, I love the baladi bread as well..warm, it tastes lovely wth all the spicy Indian curries!