Saturday, September 20, 2008

Of sleepless nights...

The construction work next to my house, continues at a frenzied pace, Ramadan notwithstanding! If anything, they seemed to have become completeley nocturnal with Ramadan.

My son's lullaby has drastically undergone a change from hush-a-baby to the cling-clang-bang of the drilling machines. I occasionaly wake up, startled, hunting like a possesed woman, for a electrical socket that has short circuited, till my sleep daze passes over and I realise its yet another piece of equipment that they've dropped, yet again!

I know Ramadan turns the Egyptians into a party happy, noctural lot, but isn't there a rule against working at night? lol!


Bastawisi said...

city of chaos, when they change the C in City, Cairo will stop being chaotic.

Manisha said...

Well said, but there appears to be a method to the madness, known only to the Egyptians, which over the last 2 years I have attempted to unearth with some success. ... and choas or no choas, I love the city!