Thursday, September 11, 2008

Gourmet Egypt

For those who feel that their local butcher or supermarket does not provide good enough quality of meat/ fish etc Cairo has just the answer for you!

Gourmet Egypt, a recently started chain offers the best quality Aussie meat. Well, chain may be an exxageration as they have only one retail outlet currently on the autostrad near Maadi City Centre, but they do home delivery.

The shop sells all kinds of the freshly prepared meat, as well as frozen fish filets from Turkey, frozen Green Mussels from New Zealand, frozen salmon from Scotland, assorted cheeses from France, as well as an interesting looking black pasta known as “squid-ink spaghetti.”

Meats can be purchased by a specifically desired cut or weight. The pricing is at a premium, intended to reflect teh quality of meat being sold. We tried the beef and veal and were hooked. Theer is little fat (thankfully) and according to my husband the meat is tender. He refuses to buy beef / veal from anywhere else!

Other items include freshly-made pasta flown in weekly from Italy, gourmet olives, sauces, frozen meat pies, fantastic frozen vegetables which make for great stir-fries, etc..and as per the guy at the counter, they are constantly introducing new items!

One can also place an order for home delivery on their website. Never tried it, so do not know how effective it is. But I guess it should be quite efficient cos Gourmet Eypt started out as a call centre based home delivery service!!

Its worth checking their website out...

Home Delivery Service: 19339

Retail store: 3 Badr Bldgs., Katameya Ring Road, Maadi, Cairo.


blogITSE said...

Thank you for this info!

Manisha said...

You're try it out, you wil not regret it...we've stopped buying veal / beef from anywhere else....