Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Quirky News

Was generally browsing the net looking for something when I came across this website "Digg" which had some really quirky news items, which I could not resist posting for the amusement value of the same...

Men under threat from 'gender bending' chemicals
telegraph.co.uk — Men are at risk of being "feminised" by thousands of "gender bending" chemicals that are changing the behaviour of humans and animals, according to a report. Scientists are warning that manmade pollutants which have escaped into the environment mimic the female sex hormone oestrogen.

Academics invent math equation for why people procrastinate
telegraph.co.uk — It might seem an idle pastime but academics have come up with a mathematical equation for why people procrastinate. Prof Piers Steel, a Canadian academic who has spent more than 10 years studying why people put off until tomorrow what they could do today, believes that the notion that procrastinators are either perfectionists or just lazy is wrong.

"The Ice Man" aims to break freezing record
telegraph.co.uk — A Dutchman who is able to withstand freezing temperatures that would kill most people will submerge himself in icy water for almost two hours in a world record bid.

SitOrSquat.com - Public Toilet Search with GPS Locations
sitorsquat.com — SitOrSquat is a web based index of public bathrooms. In addition to providing the basic map-mashup and rating system. Sit or Squat users can provide and browse photographs of the restrooms in question. The real selling point is the applications available for iPhones and Blackberries, enabling GPS based directions to the nearest bathroom


Connie said...

Digg is fun. I have to admit to being a Fark.com addict.. they can be crude, insensitive, racist, awful, not safe for work browsing, smart, offensive (but in a very equal opportunity way - everyone is a target), very intelligent, witty, clever, surprisingly deep at times, etc. You never know what...you've been warned... But they often post links to worldwide news - and I mean everything, NOT JUST the top 3 headlines that all the other mainstream media posts - faster than many other online sources... you just have to wade through the snarky and twisted headlines to get there. I guess I find that a heaping helping of black humor works like a spoonful of sugar - makes the medicine go down.

Manisha said...

Apologies for the inordinate delay in responding but shall def go check out Fark.com, sounds like a lot of fun!