Monday, December 8, 2008

Evans - Maadi City Centre

While I continue to fight a loosing battle of the bulge, my state of depression is enhanced by the lack of availability of clothes in this city.

Nah, let me rephrase it, lack of availability of clothes that I would want to wear, and, more importantly could wear! Brands like Rojada, Dalydress and sometimes Bella Donna do have some wearable stuff but by and large I don't seem to find anything that I like, though they do have my size..

Happened to be in Maadi City Centre when I chanced upon the store Evans. Evans is a high street UK retailer that specialises in 14 plus sizes...walked in quite excited cos in London at least, they have some very smart outfits.

However, my reaction was rather mixed. They have a couple of decent outfits but most others tend to be sequined, slightly shiny, more lycra and synthetic, though the jeans and troussers and a couple of skirts were not bad. But the prics are quite astonishing. Something that I had picked up in London for 25 british pounds was around 480 le here. I guess with the duty etc, the prices would be higher but here Evans was being positioned as a luxury brand.

But I think that's true for almost all foreign brands. I suspect if even Wal-mart was to open an outlet in Cairo, it would position itself at the high end of the market, lol!

So I shall continue to haunt Bella Donna, Rojada or Dalydress to find something I like, but for women looking for really large plus size outfits, at least there is a retailer in town.


Covering Cairo said...

I am having the same issues. Other than going on a massive shopping spree when I get back to the states I did manage to find some super cute plus size outfits in "Splash" which is now also in Maadi City Center - near the food court.

Manisha said...

Thanks so much! Shall definitely go try it out!

Manisha said...

Thanks so much! Shall definitely go try it out!

Yasmine said...

I am an egyptian whose UK size is 22-24. I usually wear clothes that range from smart business-smart casual. anyway, other retailers for generously-sized ladies include: MIx and Match (has a branch in Maadi): it is not much of business as urban/nobian style clothing. Also Citystars Heliopolis homes other forgein retailers with plus sizing (incredible sales nowadays): 1) UlLA Popken phase2 fourth floor(german retailer similar to EVans) Also the british Ann Harvey is in citystars. Only yesterday i discovered in citystars as well a spanish-imported brand called OCTOBER (the sale has been on for a while so your shopping spree could be a bit limited in wide-selection hopes ). Also in citystars and with many other branshes (check directory by dialing 140) is a retailer called Bremer (it is german but made-in syria). their collection is more business attire than casual.
best of Luck.