Friday, December 5, 2008

I have been had!

Well, it would appear that the Genpets website is a hoax, so yours truly has been truly had! Thanks Connie for pointing this out. But am I glad. The concept deeply offended me.

A site called Snope GENPETS are actually artworks - made from latex and plastic - made by 24 year old Canadian commercial artist called Adam Brandejs. As per him Genpets was a way to have people sit and up and think about bioengineering and where the science might lead us.

The artist has similar works in the form of an animatronic Flesh Shoe (egad!) and and animatronic Heart.

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Connie said...

My internet was acting up and I didn't search on the artist before - just went and looked at the flesh shoe and other works. Wow! This guy is good... if a bit creepy. That shoes is startling! (and that's a still pic, can't imagine seeing it in real life and have it move). Good to see an artist that can do more that make interesting shapes with media - or a protester with ideas, but not a good way to present them. This guy has both - good messages, and the talent to make people think.