Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Fresh pizza dough

My son loves the pizza I make at home, and the biggest secret to my pizza is the base. As I have learnt, if you look for something hard enough in Cairo, you will find it!

Road 9 in Maadi, has this small innocous looking bakery called "Maadi Bakery" before McDonald, on the right side of the road. They give you fresh pizza dough at about LE 16 / kg. The dough is really delicious, and, can be frozen and used upto 4-5 days.

I use it to make pizzas, calazones etc and they always come out excellent. I would recommend the dough any day over frozen, ready made bases!


Rania Mostafa Hamad said...

dear Manisha, you're an angel!! i'm a stay at home mum, my family nd me LOVE home made pizza and i tried once making the dough nd it was a disaster! i will sure try the dough u mentioned.. with the Heinz pizza sauce in jars, i think we can eat pizza all those days i feel like exploring rather than cooking;)

Manisha said...

Hey Rania, you are welcome! Do try the dough, it's fool proof!

On Road 9 there is a shop called Abu Zekry...they have a spice box called Zatash I think or I have got the name wrong...it is a mix of some 7 spices...I usually use that with the tomato base on the pizza and it greatly enhances teh taste!

Hapy pizza baking!