Saturday, December 20, 2008

Four Women in Egypt

Have been searching the net in vain to try and download a documentary titled Four Women in Egypt. It is supposed to be a brilliant documentary exploring the lives, arguments and friendships of for very different women.

Teacher, writer, activist, politician--four extraordinary women testify about the tumultuous events they have lived through during their long friendship in Egypt. The four women speak animatedly about the nation, politics, culture, and Islam.

The four are friends. They are nationalists and progressives; one among them is a veiled Islamist. The women defy the stereotypical notion that "fundamentalists" and "secularists" do not talk to each other, that they do not have shared experiences or common concerns.

Have read fantastic reviews of the documentary. Tried looking for a copy in the video shops but no luck. If anyone reading this has a link or can tell me where I can get a copy, shall be eternally grateful!


amr.m.rezk said...

Hi Manisha,
If you want to buy a copy or rent one I found a couple of sites that can help you with that.

Merry Christmas and happy new year.

Anonymous said...

Hi Manisha, I had the fortune of watching the documentary after I ordered it for my university library this past summer, before leaving for Egypt. I since have been wondering how to get a copy, as the copy I ordered for the library was very expensive and I couldnt buy one for my personal possession. If you receive ideas about how to get a copy here in Egypt, please let me know. Thanks and Happy New Year :) Pls email me:

d said...

hey i'm really interested to know how you got into your current role,as i'd like to do something similar. also what is the pay like and work availability?

thanks in advance :)

Manisha said...

Hi Amr,

Apologies for the inordinate delay in responding but would love to know where I can get a copy? The only catchis that it would need to have English subtitles for me to understand as I do not speak or really understand Arabic, bu would be grateful if you can give me the website addressses!

Manisha said...

Manouar, still trying to find a place where I can find a hoping Amr will be able to help me...if I do get any clue, shall def email you.....

Manisha said...

Dear D,

My job is rather easy to come have to be married, have a husband who is willing to work and let you chill in peace, lol!

On a serious note, I was a banker and do not work currently, so was using my time in Egypt to travel, explore teh city and generally write about my experiences...

amr.m.rezk said...

Don't worry I did find 2 web sites that sell or rent a streaming copy, and I'll search for them again 2day,
cheers, amr

amr.m.rezk said...

Sorry I didn't reply earlier, I was actually on a business trip, but anyway I think this site sells copies of the movie, check it out.

but unfortunately they only deliver to USA, so if you know someone that could send it to you, that would solve the problem
Cheers, Amr

Kahramana said...

Did you finally know how to get the movie.
I've been looking for it for years.
Also looking for Salata Baladi and Elbanat dol

Manisha said...

Hi Kahramana,

Amr has just given me a link for a website from wher i can order it. Now is the tough part ! Finding someone in the uS to whomI an have it delivered and then getting it sent here! Try if you know someone, best ofluck!

Manisha said...

Amr thanks so much!

amr.m.rezk said...

no worries Manisha, glad I could help, :D:D but plz don't thank me until you can hold it in your hands :D

Cheers, Amr

manasa said...

Hi Manisha,

I am trying to find an accomodation in egypt. Somekind of PG like how we have in India.
Im not sure if this is th best place to write...pls help!
It'll b great if you can write to me at

Waiting to hear from you.