Monday, April 21, 2008

Vodafone visa service

While on the subject of visas, in course of this wasted exercise, I discovered the Vodafone Visa Service. Instead of calling up the embassy of each country, waiting as various officials play volleyball with your call, and getting your blood pressure up, you can call up Vodafone and they will arrange a visa appointment for you.

With the Embassies Visa Appointment service, you can learn about visa application procedures and schedule appointments for visa interviews, all through your mobile phone.

Just prepare your passport and call Vodafone from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM through out the week.This service is available for the following embassies:
  • US Embassy
  • Embassy of Germany
  • Embassy of Belgium
  • French Consulate in Cairo and Alexandria
  • Greek Consulate
  • Italian Consulate in Cairo and Alexandria
  • Embassy of Austria
  • Embassy of Portugal
  • Embassy of Hungary
For the American Embassy, just dial 2100 from your mobile phone or 090070600 from a landline.

For all other embassies and consulates, dial 2101 from your mobile phone or 090070678 from a landline,all with a minute rate of just LE 2.00.

Of course you havethe option of calling the embassy directly but you'll find that they are very keen to push you into Vodafone's outstreched arms.. Believe me even at LE 5 per minute its preferrable to being tossed around on the embassy lines!


Heba said...

I would like to take an appintment for german visa and the land line is difficult and I am not vodafon user.


Manisha said...

Oops, Heba, dont know a third alternative though you could try the Vodafone website...but borrow a friend's phone, its the easiest option! Or jsut buy a Vodafone connection for LE 20, it'll stand you in good stead.....cant think of another alternative....

Anonymous said...

Manisha, can you explain to me why they schedule meetings too late so its impossible for the applicant to arrive in the country on time? Not that ideal is it? :)

And do you know the number of the Visa application center to call outside Egypt?

Thanks a lot.

Manisha said...


Unfortunately no!