Friday, April 25, 2008

Online DVD rentals in Cairo

Ok, so maybe I am a slow on finding out stuff, but just discovered that you have an online DVD rental company in Cairo. Yipee, now maybe I can get to watch some decent movies in the comfort of my home, and, on my version of a home theatre!

You can log on to

They ship everywhere inside Cairo; Giza; 6th of October; Alrehab and 5th District. The service is 7 days a week. You receive the DVD same day if you order before 12:00 pm or next day if you order after that.

There is no limit for number of rental times during the month. No. of DVDs you can rent depends on your subscription plan and number of extra DVDs you order. The delivery service is free. technically theer is no time limit on keping the DVD, but they recommend max of a week.

The subscription plans are

Plan 1: 1 at a time. Unlimited monthly rentals. Price: L.E 50
Plan 2: 2 at a time. Unlimited monthly rentals. Price: L.E 80
Plan 3: 3 at a time. Unlimited monthly rentals. Price: L.E 100

It sounds great, but I have no idea what are the kind of titles that they keep... Will have to browse their website and then figure out.


piu said...

hey this onlne service sounds great!Will definitely try it once in Maadi.

Manisha said...

Young Piu, I am planning to try it out this weekend, shall let you know how it goes!!