Thursday, April 17, 2008

Around Egypt in ? days!!

One of the biggest positives of coming to Cairo has been rediscovering and strengthening bonds with old friends. Over the years, as you get involved with work and your lives, you don’t end up spending as much time with friends as you did when there were no kids, no work pressures, no family lives to plan out.

However, when you live in a place like Cairo, and have friends visit, you rediscover those bonds and closeness especially cos you’re living together and spending lots of time with each other. To me, it’s almost like going back in time, and, revisiting my youth! And in a place like Cairo, this happens all the time! Over the last one year, we’ve had 15 families stay with us, and, it has been so much fun!

Some have been here for 4 days and some much longer. In fact, one of them mentioned that I should compile a guide – Egypt in 7 days! What to see and what to do! While it was said in jest, it seemed like a very good idea to have a handy reckoner especially when friends are planning to visit and need to figure out what to do.

So here goes – Egypt from 4 to 7 to 12 days!!

Around Egypt in 4 days

Day 1
Guided full day tour of the Giza Pyramids and the Egyptian Museum.

  • Early start to the Pyramids & Sphinx (Solar Boat optional)
  • break for an early lunch at Mena House
  • Museum – See the “Mummies Room” and the Tutankhamen section first, time permitting anything else
  • Be back by 5/6
  • Dinner cruise down the Nile on Nile Maxim / Grand Hyatt Boat / Nile Pharaohs though my personal favourite is the Nile Maxim, I think it’s a classier, fine dining experience

Day 2

Morning, go see Coptic Cairo

  • Coptic museum, Hanging Church
  • Ben Izra Synagogue
  • St Sergius & St George’s Church see the crypt where the holy family stayed

Afternoon visit the Citadel

Evening go to Khan–el-Khalilih

  • Buy souvenier
  • Dinner at Naquib Mahfouz CafĂ©
  • Coffee at El Fishawey

Day 3
Early morning to Abu Simbal. See the temple, then fly to Aswan at
around 11. See the Unfinished Obelisk / High Dam and the Temple of Philae and fly
to Luxor at night.

Alternately spend the night at Aswan at the Old Cataract (the hotel where Agatha Christie stayed when she wrote Death on the Nile)

Day 4
Early morning, fly to Luxor, visit the Valley of Kings / Queen / Karnark temple / Luxor
temple. Fly back to Cairo late at night.

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