Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Horton hears a Who

Took 5 seven year old boys to see gold ol' Horton to Maadi Family Land and more than once through the movie wondered why?

The movie is nice but meant strictly for children (unlike a Madagascar). There is a limit to which you can stretch a Dr Suess book and make even an one and a half hour movie out of it. But the kids know the character from having read Horton in school and they absolutely loved it!

The "wondered why" stems not so much from the movie as from the kids. Stepped out to buy popcorn in the break, and came back to a hysterical scenario. Inspired by Horton, the kids were doing a butt dance on the platform next to the screen. Had to rush to pull them down and interrupt the audience's unexpected intermission entertainment. I must admit, it was rather funny, and, it kept them occupied!!
All in all, an entertaining afternoon for the kids. Family Land is quite decent and easily accessible.

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