Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Syrian visa

My husband appears to be in a very magnanimus mood, and offerred to take the family for yet another holiday to Syria! Now, one should never look a gift horse in the mouth so immediately said yes!!!

Trooped off to the embassy to get a really very pleasant surprise...

The person behind the counter was knowledgeable, spoke English (thank goodness!), gave me the list of the exact documents that were required, and, hold your breath, told me that the visa would be done in 2 days! A huge change from Europe / US where it takes days to just get an appointment to submit the papers!!

So for an Indian pasport holder, these are the documents required:

a/ Person must be a resident of Egypt

b/ A letter from your employer stating that you are an employee/ date of employment/ the name of your spouse and children, if any, who will be accompanying you

c/ Letter from Indian embassy (you need to apply to the embassy and this takes a day)

d/ 2 photographs

e/ Visa fees of 140 le per person

f/ Application form that needs to be completed in person at the embassy

g/ confirmation of return tickets

Now compared to your/ your family tree's history that other countries seem to require, this is pretty easy. So having organised everything today, shall jaunt off to the embassy tom! Inshaallah, the visa shall be mine!!


Anonymous said...

HI We;ve been hinking of going to Syria as well...is it worth going to ? How long a trip do you think is good?

Manisha said...

Syria is not exactly on the tourist map, but I believe very pretty. I would assume that a week would be ok, well, we are doing 5 days and hoping that we'll cover some interesting stuff...will write more once I'm back..

Sarita said...

Thanks for the documentation details. The next time, we think of doing a holiday last minute I think we'll do Syria.