Tuesday, July 1, 2008


If you find original art too expensive for your wallet or are simply tired of seeing regular art on your walls, there is a new artist on the block!

Nazin Ahmed and Adrian Salamunovic founded DNA 11 to create artwork that shows off your unique character : a print of your genome on canvas. Simply submit a saliva sample (in a via supplied by them) for lab analysis and the results are made into a wall display!!

So the next peiece of your art could well be the DNA structure of your saliva, right up there on your wall!
Or better still a Kiss Potrait ( this I might still understand)

or even a Fingerprint Potrait (this one actually looks nice)
I must admit I quite liked the fingerprint or kiss potraits, its just the thought of my saliva or any other body fluid adorning my walls that sort of freaks me out! Well, maybe not freak me out, but feel rather strange having strangers trying to understand, appreciate my saliva?

And mind you this all does not come cheap! The Kiss Potraits start at $ 290, Fingerprint potraits start at $190 and Saliva ones at $ 390!!!

The Museum of Modern Art features DNA 11 art in their exclusive museum stores, both in New York and Tokyo. You can check them out at their website http://www.dna11.com/

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