Thursday, July 17, 2008

Restaurant on top of the World!

By the time we had reached the "Krac" our guide was obviously hungry cos he was rather adament that we have lunch prior to seeing the fort...Not something that we wanted to do, cos to walk and climb on a full stomach is not what we Indians are equipped to do! After a nice heavy meal, a snooze is what the local doctor would recommend! lol!

Went to a restaurant called Akkalla which is right next to the Krac on top of the mountain and offers a fabulous view..

Lunch was a huge spread consisting of humous, babagunoush, olives, fried zucchini, sauted aubergine with onions and tomatoes, potato salad, green salad, a huge plate of french fries, a large plate of kebabs and a large packet of balady & pita bread!

Till we started tucking in, didn't realise how hungry we were, and, I must admit, it was probably the healthiest meal that I had had in the last 3 days and definately very very tasty! Or was it just the hunger?

At 700 SPs, it was a very pleasant meal with a wonderful view....

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