Monday, June 16, 2008

Spanish visa

For those trying to get visas for Europe from Cairo, you better be planning your holiday somewhere in August or September, cos getting the visa is as herculean a task as deciding where to go and organising the trip. Er, let me correct that, it'll probably be easier to organise the holiday!!

Getting an appointment for the visa itself has a month long or more wait for most of the embassies, so plan in advance.. Since I am applying for Spain, this is the list of documents that the embassy asks for. Hope its of some help!

a/ passport
b/ application form original + 2 copies
c/ 2 photo size 3.5 x 4.5 cm with white background
d/ original and photocopy of current and old passport
e/ Printout of flight tickets
f/ hotel reservation
g/ original bank statement statement for last 6 months and 2 copies
h/ letter from your employer stating the date of hiring and current salary
i/ international health insurance
j/ Visa fees 520 le per head

all docs original and photocopy and in a file in the same sequence...

docs only in English or Spannish


Anonymous said...

Hola Manisha, en estos momentos necesitaria contactar con alguien de Egypto. Tengo algunas preguntes sobre temas de trabajo que me gustaria preguntarte despues de ver tu experienca por ese pais. Si lees esto te agradeceria que me respondieras en para contactar contigo. Yo tambien soy madre como tu, me fascina Egypto i aunque no soy bankera... me dedico a la contabilidad de museos.
GrĂ cies

Manisha said...

Hola Moni,

Would have loved to respond if I undrstood what you have written...unfortunately, do not speak, read, or understand Spannish, save for the odd word here and there!


mido said...

how i can buy tickets and reserve a room in a hotel and i still didnt get the visa for spain .. i might do all of that and spend money and dont get the visa at last