Thursday, June 5, 2008

Indiana Jones, coffee, chips and more!!

Went to see Indiana Jones at Bandar. While its very convinient, there is something about Bandar which is not quite right but I can't put my finger to it. Or maybe it's just my imagination? But who cares? Its there, screens English movies and is my favourite place to go see kiddie movies. Yeah, that's where I head everytime son wants to see a movie.

However, this time it was to see Indiana Jones though we took my son along.

Given that Indiana Jones is directed by Spielberg, coupled with the fact that I have wonderful memories of the earlier three, I had great expectations from this one. I guess at some level I expecetd to re-live my earlier memories through this one, but it was a bit dissapointing. Harrison Ford, much as I still love his sardonic smile, looks every bit of his 65 years and his whip doesn't crack as sharply as it did many years ago. The story is long winded and stretched and at times a little disjointed. I suspect Spielberg wanted the movie to be old fashioned and much in the same style as the earlier movies, and, to that extent he's succeeded.
My enjoyment of the movie was not enhanced by the numerous demands for coffee, soft drinks, chips and popcorn placed on me!. Mommy, why do movie halls in Maadi only stock popcorn and chips and some chocolates? Why not burgers, hamburgers, nachos with cheese, sandwiches etc? Difficult to explain to my 7 year old hungry son "they're like this only!!"

Given these endless "tiffin" breaks, the sense of the movie being disjointed was wonderfully enhanced. Didn't get to see the end either cos my son decided that he definately wanted to check out the interiors of the public restrooms. I am still trying to decide whether the end is worth sitting through the movie again, though if I be honest, it did rekindle some wonderful memories...methinks, maybe, just maybe I might go see it agian, and, this time without interruptions...

I think the person who enjoyed it the most was my son. He now wants to watch the earlier 3 movies - now that's something I'd be happy to do with him!!


Anonymous said...

I didn't like the movie either...big dissapointment after the earlier ones and Ford is too old now for all this.

Manisha said...

I know! Felt rather nostalgic and a tad sad, cos I loved the earlier ones!

Manisha said...

I know! Felt rather nostalgic and a tad sad, cos I loved the earlier ones!