Friday, June 8, 2007

Istanbul here I come!

Boarded the flight for Istanbul, which turned out to be Turkish Airways instead of Egypt Air (code share), at an unearthly hour, and, a little grumpy at having lost my beauty sleep. To add to my woes, we were boarding the flight from Terminal 2 instead of the new swanky Terminal 1 reserved for Egypt Air.

After a really turbulent flight, which I thought I would never survive, we managed to land in Istanbul. It really didn’t help that the airhostess and I did not understand each other except for a few exchanged smiles. I’m convinced that had I taken the breakfast offered, it would have flown all over the plane, the ride was so eventful. I’m sure many people on the flight ate out the whole next week on the story of this really scared babe on the plane!

The Istanbul airport is new and all silver and glass. More than ever now, I am convinced that there is some international prototype for airports that makes them all look the same – marble, silver / steel columns, and, lots and lots of grey / blue glass…

Stepping out of the airport, the air hits you like a whip. Its bracingly cold, a refreshing change from the stale air inside the aircraft and the airport and gives you an instant bounce in your step. As we drive onto to the main road leading to the heart of the city, you get a panoramic view of the city - Istanbul is huge, spread all around the Bosphorus and Marmara, built at different levels over 7 different hills.

My nerves tingle in anticipation and excitement!

I’m in Istanbul!

The Istanbul of the blue, blue Bosphorus, the Istanbul of the Blue Mosque and the Aya Sophia.

I can't belive that I am actually here!

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