Friday, April 20, 2007

Casper & Gambini

After a long day of taking my son to a baseball game and a birthday party, hubby and I decided we would drive down to City Stars to try buy some music CDs and maybe a couple of movies at the Virgin superstore at Citystars..

Citystars is Cairo’s spanking new mall and probably the largest and houses a delightful mix of local and branded shops. After hours of browsing and buying music / movies / toys, we decided we needed to have some coffee or tea and spotted a large corner café called Casper & Gambini.

Neither of us had heard the name (came home, googled and discovered it’s a big Lebanese chain) before but the décor looked very much like a lounge bar in a hotel with leather seats and wooden tables (dark but very attractive). Plus one of the tables had a very interesting looking concoction being served, which made up our minds!

The leather seats were delicious to slip into especially for feet and legs tired of being on the move since morning!

The menu is divided into soups and salads, appetizers, sandwiches, main courses and desserts.

As for the drinks (no alcohol served), a variety of juices, soft drinks and coffees are available.

The staff is friendly, quick and unobtrusive.

My son ordered a Hot Chocolate while hubby ordered an After Eight Hot Chocolate! I was not feeling too hungry so settled for some garlic bread topped with cheese and we ordered an Apple Caramel tart.

My husband swore that the mint hot chocolate was absolutely divine as was the apple tart, which is served with ice cream. My son, however, pronounced that he preferred the hot chocolate served at Cilantro! The garlic bread was delicious and was gone in a jiffy!Portions are large and quite filling.

The After Eight Hot Chocolate is obviously very popular as I could see waiters running around with many more glasses of the same. We were tempted to order the open burgers, which looked absolutely divine but saved it for another day.

In line with its up market décor, the prices are a little on the higher side but you are paying for the entire dining experience. We shall definitely be back, especially to try those burgers!

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