Saturday, April 14, 2007



LOCATION: Maadi 9 Rd. 151 Cairo

HOURS: Daily noon - 11 PM

A small Thai eatery, hidden from view by foliage and trees, offering authentic home cooked Thai food. Its run by a Thai lady who I believe flies in ingredients from Bangkok!

We went there for lunch with friends one Saturday and returned the subsequent Saturday to take another friend who wanted to have spicy food! The food is delicious, authentic and smells and looks good.

We started with Spring Rolls (vegetarian), some Beef Satay and Chicken Soup. At 9 LE, 3 pieces of spring rolls were nice and my husband and son polished the Beef Satay (LE 25) as soon as it appeared on the table.

We decided to go with our hosts' recommendation and ordered the vegetarian (LE 22) and chicken (LE 25) Phad Thai. Phad Thai is a flat Thai rice noodle tossed with vegetables, chicken, shrimp (your choice) with a sweet tamarind sauce and crushed peanuts and something else, which I could not quite make out but was absolutely delicious.

To accompany the noodles, we ordered some Chicken Thai Red Curry (LE 25), Fried beef in Sweet & Sour sauce (LE 29), Vegetables in Oyster Sauce (LE 12) and lots of plain rice (LE 3 for each bowl).

The lovely part of the place is their willingness to rustle stuff off the menu. The food was delicious and the helpings just right. A bowl of Thai curry and a bowl of rice (or perhaps two as the rice portions in Egypt tend to be rather small) would be just enough for one person so don't plan on sharing one. The Phad Thai can be shared between two people.

Good food, decent portions, authentic flavors, unobtrusive service, polite and helpful staff, reasonable prices - all in all a great experience!


Anonymous said...

Have you been at Max's Restaurant?

Manisha said...

Yes, I have. Some German friends of ours had recommended it plus they cater at my son's school i.e. CAC... Its son loved his spaghetti bolognaise but I thought my gnnochi could have been better and the stake that my hubby had was also ok...given that I had heard so much about it, I was dissapointed...

However, it was a little better when another German friend took us ther an dthey ordered for us! Maybe it works better if you are a regular, lol!