Monday, August 11, 2008

Lisbon - a city of 7 hills!

While Madrid was fun, it is like any other European city, a little cold & business like, lots of parks, arches & gateways, over ornate buildings with thick facades to keep the cold out & a hurried pace of life.

But Lisbon is different. The capital of Portugal, built over 7 hills, its home to warmer friendlier people. Its a place where people have time to enjoy themselves, where the old and new jostle for attention side by side, and you can feel the joie de vivre in the air!

A city where winding roads make for a pictureseque trip no matter where you go, where the city and its denizens enjoy themselves into the wee hours of the night, where everyone enjoys a cuppa, sitting in the central square enjoying the evening breeze, listening to street performers, where every shopkeeper / vendor will smile & greet you with a heartfelt "ola" when you pass them by, where the evenings are breezy & chilly even in the middle of summer & where there is an appreciation of simple everyday things....

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