Monday, February 25, 2008

Pottery Classes

Very very excited! Just started on pottery classes today...a friend of mine conducts these classes in Maadi. Have been plaguing her to start so that I could join, and, finally I did!!

The class is fun cos she takes in only 4-5 students at a time, and, very reasonable.

The feeling of maleable clay in your hands is just awesome!!

It's so liberating to just be able to knead and shape it any which way that you want - no rules, no bounderies, no constraints, let your imagination run wild within the limitations of the piece of earth that you hold in your hands...

Giving shape to the clay is akin to making a baby.. its creation of sorts, albiet a lot less cumbersome and a lot, lot less painful!!


Serge en Nathalie said...

Hey !

I was reading that you have been following pottery classes. I am living in Egypt since January and I am very interested in these classes; I live in the 6th Of October City.

My Nationality: Belgium, I am a married woman of 29 years old.

Can you please help me with the address, website to follow these classes? What's the price?

Thanks a lot!
my e-mail:

Manisha said...

Hi, there is a lady called Toral Mehta who lives in Madi who takes these classes. Her classes are great fun and she is really a very good potter! Will email you her details...

Anja said...

Hello Manisha,

my name is anja, iam a german therapist, living in maadi and searching spontanesously for pottery classes.

in your conversation with nathalie you are telling about one lady _ toral Mehta - here in maadi.
please can you give me the details too.

thank you very much


my e mail adress:

Anonymous said...

Hello Manisha,
my name is engy, i read about these pottery classes, im dying to take suh classes, can u please send me the details.
my e,mail is:
thank you so much for sharing this.

Yara Abaza said...

Hey there, My name is Yara, am a 21 years old architecture student and i'm really intrested in taking pottery classes and i've been searching for a place in cairo that offers such art classes for so long... Would u please email me that lady's contact information cause am really dying to learn pottery during this summer vacation :)
My email is

Thnxxx :))

Anonymous said...

hey manisha
i'm aliaa and really interested in taking pottery classes can you please send me toral's info on my mail it's thanks alot

Anonymous said...

Hi - I'm looking for a pottery instructor to lead a class for my study abroad students, around ages 18 - 20, either once or on a more regular basis depending on how things go.

Please send me the details at

Hope to hear from you soon!

Anonymous said...

hi Manisha

this is Tarek from Cairo, i was searching for a pottery classes in Cairo and i found your blog so can you give me contact info for this issue.


Manisha said...

Hi Tarek, the lady who runs the classes, her name is Toral and you can get her contact details from CSA (Community Service Association) in Maadi

Anonymous said...

Hi Manisha,
my name is Ahmed a medical intern..and am really interested in taking pottery classes..can u plz send me the contact details of Toral..
Thanks alot
my email is

Serota Alina said...

please send me the teacher phone no in maadi for pottery classes

Serota Alina said...

please send me the phone no for the teacher in maadi for pottery classes at

Anonymous said...

hiiil. can you plz email me with the details of the class coz am so interested in pottery classes. my email is.
plz email me assp. thank u very much