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The Egyptians in the world's 50 Richest Arab 2007

An interesting article from the Egyptian Chronicles.....

Ladies and gentlemen I present to you the official Richest Egyptians in the country and in the Arab world

The Egyptians in the world's 50 Richest Arab 2007

Of course the majority of the world's 50 Richest Arab in year 2007 are mostly from the Gulf , and surely Prince Al-Walid Ibn Talaal is on the top of the list , it is logic

The richest men in Egypt officially are :

1-The Sawiris Family in rank number 10 , estimated fortune is $ 6.2 billion , they moved two 2 ranks from last year , they were the 12th now they are from the top ten

2- Mohammed Shafik Gabr in rank number 30 , estimated fortune is $2.2 Billion , a new entry, well this is a surprise because this man what he did with Emar company he seemed to be a crook !! Here is his company's official website

3- Fayez Sarofim in rank number 42, estimated fortune is $ 1.5 billion , a new entry and I do not know him , it is first time I hear or read about him, already his business is abroad in the United States at Taxes not in Egypt. Here is his company's official website

4- Ahmed Ezz in rank number 47 , estimated fortune is $ 1 Billion , a new entry , it is big surprsie because I thought that Ezz is actually richer than Sawiris , at least this what I thought, may be he is richer unofficially , well his new bride seems to be a lucky charm he is now from the top 50 rich Arabs !! Here is his company's official website again

5- Hisham Talaat Mustafa in rank number 49, estimated fortune is $ 800 million , a new entry ,well it is not surprise because this man caused a problem in money liquidity because of his construction projects of fancy cities and buildings , his wealth exceeded after entering the stock market . Here is his company's official website

Here are the top 5

For the Sawiris family it is not a new thing , they were always there and they are moving towards the top

Yet for the rest they are new comers to the rest

For Gaber and Ezz well search for illegal operations whether from monopoly.. etc ,also search for influence , because from the policy committee ,yes NDPians ,close friends to the President's sons
Where are the President's sons ?? man I know that they are very very rich , may be they are among the unofficial richest Arabs in the world , secret accounts and so on

Still reading the list you will be surprised that the new comers this year are from countries you do not imagine that there are billionaires in it with that size

I do not mean the two Palestinian billionaires because for sure they are operating their empires outside Palestine but I mean countries like Syria and Iraq , yes Iraq

There are 3 billionaires from Iraq and all are working in the construction field , well it is their golden opportunity with all that damage in the country !!

3 billionaires from Syria ,2 of them are working in the construction field , it seems that it is the most profitable business in the Arab world now

You know I do not mean anything but most of those people really deserve to be in this list but some of them do not deserve to be in the list at all because they will be compared with people who really worked hard and honestly and to be frank I mean Ahmed Ezz , at least Gaber got some origin but Ahmed Ezz is a man who is building an Empire over the expense a whole country ,it is enough to know that the current crisis in the property market from a huge price increase ,he is the one behind it due to the increase in the steel price which he monopolized

Here is the complete list from Arabian

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