Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Asfour Crystal factory

Lots of people had been telling me about Asfour Crystal which is the largest crystal factory in Egypt. Plus I kept seeing their stuff in shops all over.

So last week, decided to go across and see what it was all about. An American friend of mine and I set out, just to check out what was available. Established in 1961, the Asfour factory / showroom is located in Shobra. I believe they sell in many countries across the world.

The products range from jewellery, chatons, 3D laser gifts, figures and a wide range of light fittings and chandeliers! The jewellery is not Swaoroski but some peices are very nice and the jewellery generally reasonable. I picked up a single strand crystal bracelet for my mother-in-law for LE 30 which I thought was pretty good!

The figurines are really very attractive. I fell in love with the hedgehogs that come in 5 different sizes, and 3 frogs on toadstools. My son is crazy about planes, so picked up a lovely 60s aviator plane model.

There are also beautiful models of mosques etc which are priced on the higher side, but worth every penny that you pay for them.

The range of chandeliers is amazing, and, the prices are great.

A half hour to forty five minutes drove from Maadi, the address is


In terms of quality of crystal, please dont expect a Swaoroski but the quality is good, the prices great and the range amazing. So go, treat yourself, dress up the house with gorgeous chandeliers and lights or pamper yourself with a lovely neck piece or just indulge yourself with a cute teddy or fish...

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