Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Alcohol in Cairo

Lugged two bottles of whiskey from India only to find that you can buy alcohol at the Egypt Air Duty Free! Had gone to City Stars and saw this huge Egypt Air outlet.

On enquiring was told that foreigners can buy 3 bottles of alcohol against their passport on entery into Egypt. There is a catch though, this can be done only 4 times a year!

Of course, one has to pay in USD.


Fiona said...

Hi Manisha, my husband and I are negotiating on a job for him in Cairo. It is rather difficult to get a sense about the place and what it might be like to live there. We lived in Qatar for 3 years and are now based in Australia. What can you say regarding pollution levels and general quality of life? Also I have a special dietary requirement and cannot consume any wheat, barley, oats or rye gluten. Are there 'health food'shops or products readily available in Cairo?

Manisha said...

Hi Fiona,

Let me start by saying that Egypt is probably the most liberal Muslim country that you can hope to live in. They follow their religion but do not impose it on you.

While Cairo is really large, and offers many choices in terms of living places, we live in the expat suburb of Cairo, called Maadi. Here people speak English, you get a lot of foodstuff, there's an American International
school, and in terms of dress, its realtively easy. Though to be honest, I have not see much noise about dressing, and I dont think its such a stress factor except in certain religious places, which I think is only fair..

HAve not really come across any specific health food shops though there are supermarkets etc which would stock some health food. Now that you mention it, I think i have seen a health food place somewhere but I cant place my finger on it..

Quality of life is good. Work places are generally chilled compared to the US or Asia. The quality of life can beguaged by the fact that many expats who come here want to stay on for as long as is possible. Domestic help is easily available - both local and otherwise.

If theer are any specific queres that I can help you with, just drop me an email, and I'll try my level best to help with them.

But trust me, its a fun place to come to!!