Friday, May 11, 2007

Egypt Air

Flew for the frst time by Egypt's national carrier to Dubai.

Hubby was travelling Emirates and was keen that we join him but we opted to try Egypt Air. It also helped that Egypt Air was running a promo during this period offering a 50% discount on the Cairo-Dubai-Cairo sector - it was too good to pass up!

I guess, not having travelled too much in Africa / Middle East sector, I was a little concerned about the Egypt Air's flight. To my surprise, we drove up to a different terminal than the regular international departure terminal used by other airlines. Wow! Now I know why other airlines are considered country cousins. Egypt Air has swanky new dedicated terminals for both international and domestic travel.

Despite the chaos at the counters, we were checked in pretty quickly and ushered into the waiting lounge. For an early morning cuppa, you're spoilt for choice with coffee shops from Starbucks, Coffee & Tea Leaf Company to Beanos being all there. My son gorged on a burger at his favourite McDonalds!

The plane was neat and clean. However, if you are vegetarian, remember to intimate the airline at the time of booking. Cairo-Dubai being a Middle East sector, vegetarian food is not something they stock. So had to make do with tea, and, a bun with some cheese. Being an Islamic country, Egypt Air did not serve alcohol.

There were no individual TV screens, much to my son's ire. Not that it would have mattered since they aired Arabic programmes both ways.

The landing was beautiful, smooth as a baby's cheek! To my complete surprise, a whole bunch of Egyptians broke into spontaneous applause to demonstrate their appreciation. (If I thought this was an aberation, I was pleasantly surprised to find a similar salutation for an equally smooth landing on our return).

Needless to say, the airline is efficient, the planes are relatively new and clean, the landing superb (once can be a fluke, but both times takes skill). But be prepared for the chaos at the luggage belt when you disembark and flight to get your luggage. There's mayhem!

Having said that, its a decent airline with reasonable fares and great connections while travelling in this part of the world.


Saffron said...

You write very well.

Manisha said...

Thank you so much!